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My name is I Nyoman Trisna Kurniawan, since 1997 I have been working at tourism industry in Bali. I am balinese people and born in Bali so I knew very well about Bali life, traditional, culture and art.

So in foreign Country, your guide or drivers, definitely your most important asset (except for money of course) He or She has more influence on the success of your holiday (or business trip) than any others factor.
A lazy driver or guide can waste your time, an unethical driver can rip you off or take advantage of you in so many ways.

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We pride ourselves with the positive testimonials we get from our customers; nonetheless we generally endeavor to enhance our tour service consistently. Listening to what our returning visit members need to say assumes a crucial part in seeing how we can improve our tour packages program, driver services and tour guide for future members to come. We encourage our customers to give us their criticism, both positive and negative, so we can better serve our customers later on.

"Nyoman Trisna"