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Barong & Keris Dance

Barong perform as a large lion type creature played by two men and Rangda is the epitome of evil with long fingernails and droopy breasts. Barong is going about his business until he is interrupted by Rangda, ultimately a battle ensues and the Barong followers begin attacking Rangda with their Keris (daggers). Rangda being a witch and is able to use magical powers to turn the daggers against their owners who fall into a trance and try to stab themselves.

In Balinese dance the movement is closely associated with the rhythms produced by the gamelan, a musical ensemble specific from Java and Bali. Multiple levels of articulations in the face, eyes, hands, arms, hips, and feet are coordinated to reflect layers of percussive sounds. Barong And Keris Dance is performed when there is illness or misfortune in the village and therefore intended to dispel this evil forces. People gather together at the mortuary temple, Pura Dalem.

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