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Batuan Temple

The Epic Batuan Temple
Looking for a place to visit in Bali? Batuan temple can be the best answer. Located in the countryside of central Bali, the temple has stood for about one thousand years old in the year of 944 Isaka. Decorated with Balinese ornaments, the temple is rich for cultural values, artistic elements, and historical stories.
As its name, Batuan temple is build of stones. The word "Batuan" means stones. Its roof is made of black fiber of coconut leaves. Known for its unique and arts, the temple is quite popular and most visited by visitor. As located in the main road that connects Ubud to Denpasar, many tourists come by as they pass the road. to know this temple better, here some details information related to the temple.

The structure of the temple
As usual, the visitors will meet the parking lot at the front section of temple complex. Starting this point, you could see the beautiful cravings on some walls. Near the parking lot, there is a giant hall namely "Wantilan" that local people usually use as a place for meeting or performing Balinese dances. In Wantilan also, you are suggested to wear a sarong or Balinese call it as 'kamben' as a symbol of respect for the holy temple. The secrecy of Batuan temple can be seen from several displayed status; they are They are Demons (Time), Embodiment Statue, Dwarapala Statue, Animal Statues, Phallus, The Status Figure of Holding the Chicken, and some other.
Going in further, you will meet a middle yard before the main building in the temple complex. Firstly you will be greeted in the entrance of the yard with Kori Agung that is a collection of guardian statues. There is a biggest statue that represents Pratima which is a guard for Gods entry and exit. In the main section, there is Bale Agung and Bale Kulkul. They are the places for Hindu believer praying. In this main section also, there are three section the first one Meru and Bale, a place for Besakih temple and Padmasana, a place to pray to Sang Hyang Widhi.

The history of the temple
Built during King Sri Aji Dharmawangsa reign era, Batuan temple is firstly designed and built in 11th century. The history is proven in some inscriptions in Bali. Despite its old age, to maintain the beauty of the temple some renewals and renovations had been done. The inscriptions tell that there had been renovation of the temple in 10th century, 13th century, and 18th century. There is no any significant change on the structure, foundation, and ornaments of the temple as the famous Ramayana story is still preserved as a relief. Nowadays local people mostly come to pray or celebrate some festivals such as Galungan.

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