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Kintamani and Mt. Batur

The Gracious Village of Kintamani
If you see yourself as a traveler, surely you must have known what Kintamani is. If you do not know what Kintamani is, then I suggest you go open the traveler's handbook and put this place on the list of places that you will visit in the future. I also suggest you read a thing or two about Kintamani before visiting the place so that you can understand what makes this place a place that you should visit.
What is that? You are looking for a brief explanation about Kintamani and you cannot find it? Then luck be with you my friend, because you have stumbled upon this article. I am here to give you a brief insight about Kintamani.

Understanding Kintamani
By my logic, you need to learn a thing or two about a place before you can go waste your money visiting that place. I have seen many travelers being discontent with their traveling destinations because their destinations are not what they thought it would be. These people are the kind of people that you should not be dealing with.
I, however, digressed. Let us bring the topic back to Kintamani, shall we?
Kintamani is a place that is situated in northern part of East Bali (East Bali is a sort of place that is somewhat separated with the rest of Bali. It is still Bali, though). It is surrounded by many wonderful places such as Penelokan, Batur, Kedisan, Songan, and Abung. All of those places are worth a visit, so if you have exhausted Kintamani, you can just go visit the neighboring place and have a brand new sort of fun in those places.
One warning that you should heed is that the place can get a bit cold sometimes. It is a village in the mountain after all, so coldness is something that should be expected. People told me that the temperature can get very low, which will be very cold for Indonesians and travelers from countries without snows. If you cannot handle the air condition being set at 16 degree Celsius, you will not be able to handle this place without a sufficient amount of warm clothing stuck on your body! Drizzles usually come often in this place and it adds to the overall coldness of this place. Be sure to bring a warm jacket before you visit Kintamani unless you can handle a low temperature .

Getting to the place
There are many kinds of transportation that you can ride on to get to the village. For starters, you can go by bus, and there are many shuttle buses over here you will think that this place is a glorified bus stop. You can also hitch a ride on a bemo, which is a sort of orange big motorcycle thingy that runs in a snail pace. You need to pay 25,000 Rupiahs for this one, but I do not suggest getting on the bemo unless you want to reach Kintamani as fast as a snail.

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