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Mas Art Village

Mas Art Village is located in Ubud sub district and Gianyar Regency, center part of Bali Island. It is known for its realistic and beautiful wood carving art with the distinguish synergy of humanism and naturalism. Mas Art Village get its fame as a wood carving art village which is known nationally and world wide.The most famous wood carvers in Mas village is the late Ida Bagus Nyana and son, Ida Bagus Tilem.

Along the road, we can find various art shops that sell various kind of wood carvings and sculptures here. As we pass the main road in Mas village, both on the left and right side we will see rice fields panorama, by seeing it, we can say that apart of Mas village people as a wood carver and any other kind art crafter, some of them also live as a farmer. Along the road, visitors may seen furniture maker/ shop, main materials for wooden furniture sold here was a teak wood furniture, made for local and also for export. In this village visitor will get the detail information about the wood that used for arts/ sculpture, apart from teak wood used here, the carver also use local wood like Mahagony, Satin wood, crocodile wood and some are imported wood like Ebony, Sandle woods etc.

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