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Taman Ayun Temple, Mengwi

Taman Ayun Temple: The Beautiful Garden Temple of Bali
Garden temples are always a sight to see, and nothing beats Taman Ayun Temple in Bali when it comes to garden temples. If you want to see the sights while also enjoying the traditional temples, this is the perfect place for you to go.

Where is this temple situated in?
Bali is such a little island which is very dense, so you will never found hardships in trying to reach this place. Located just 18 kilometers from Denpasar, this temple is located in the vicinity of Mengwi village, which in itself is a nice village to visit (that being said, Badung is a place that is also a good place if you are looking for a sight). If you want go to this temple, you just need to go to Denpasar, chart or rent yourself a car, and go west. The journey will take no more than an hour, so it is not a place that is hard to reach.

Why is it called Taman Ayun temple?
Ayun means swing in Indonesia, so this temple actually means the swinging garden. Simple right?
Nope, not as simple as that. While the name swinging garden makes sense, there is nothing swinging over there that dictate why it should be called just so. No, my friends, the literal translation of this place is beautiful garden. Ayun itself means beautiful, so it kind of deserving of its name. This happens because those Balinese do not use Indonesian in their naming convention. They use their own language, which is a language of yore that many Balinese use back then.
This temple is so beautiful that even the regional government of Bali once suggested this place be included in World Heritage list that UNESCO got. It also got a very nice historical value stuck to it, making it a nice learning place for history geeks and all.

Why should I go to this place?
Because it is beautiful, and every beautiful places are worth a visit. Aside from being a beautiful place to take pictures at, you can learn about the history of Bali and about the Kings that created the place.

Can you tell me some historical facts about this place?
That I can, my dear fellows. For starters, let me start that this place was built around the 17th century by the King of the Mengwian kingdom. It has stood for long and it has undergone several renovations to keep its structure nice to look at. It is one of the oldest temple in Bali and one of the most historical temple available to visit, so you go do that.
Another interesting fact is that this temple was not made by the King alone. The King enlisted a Chinese person by the name of Ing Khang Ghoew (if that is not a name that is very Chinese, I do not know what that name is). Khang lived in Banyuwangi back then, and because he was such a smart person, the King invited him to help him build the temple.
With a beautiful garden a bounty of history, it is only right for you to give Taman Ayun Temple a visit or two, no?

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