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Tanah Lot Temple

What is Tanah Lot Temple and Why You Should Visit Them
Bali is a place filled with many wonderful places to visit, and Tanah Lot Temple is just one of those places. I am sure many of you understand where Tanah Lot Temple is located, but do you know what Tanah Lot Temple is and why it is such a nice place to visit? Check out this article below if you are a budding traveler wanting to know more about the places that you are going to visit.

What exactly is Tanah Lot Temple?
To make it simple and clean, Tanah Lot Temple is actually a temple. It is obviously a temple for the Hindu people, so if you are a Hindu, you must have known about this place. Many Hindus see this place as a pilgrim's end, a place to go on a pilgrimage. This temple is very ancient and very historical, which is a plus for people who travels the world to go on a history lesson.
Yes it is a temple, but do you know that Tanah Lot has its own meaning? In the Balinese language, Tanah Lot means a land amidst the sea, which kind of describe this place perfectly. I mean, it is a temple that is sitting on a rock formation that is surrounded by the sea. This, again, adds to the many reasons why people should visit this place. Rock formations are cool after all, and people with an interest in geography can learn a thing or two about this place. More to the history, let us talk about who founded or who first created this temple. The creation of this temple falls to someone called Dang Hyang Nirartha. Now I am not Balinese and I do not know anything about the meaning behind of names like those, but I am sure that the dude is a cool guy. If someone can create a temple on top of a rock surrounded sea, that someone has to be cool in their own rights.
It is a temple dedicated to Dewa Baruna and/or Bhatara Segara, which is the Balinese sea god. If the Greek god Poseidon, Balinese got Dewa Baruna. Poseidon got a temple on top of a hill while Dewa Baruna got a temple amidst the sea. I will leave it to you which one suits its worshiping place more.

Why should I visit the temple?
Aside from the obvious reasons I have mentioned below, you need to visit the temple if you are someone who appreciates beauty. Why? Simply because this place is a place that is pretty nice when sunset comes around. If you are looking to add a beautiful picture for your picture album, wait until the sun sets near the temple and bask yourself in the glory of the orange sky. The sun on the horizon is worth the wait, too, making Tanah Lot Temple a perfect place for those who seek the sunset's beauty.

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