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Tohpati Art Village

Tohpati art village location is in suburban area of Denpasar capital, to reach the village we will need about 1 hour drive from Kuta. Tohpati village is known for its hand Batik and traditional hand Weaving in Bali. Batik is a traditional form of painting fabric with canting, a traditional pen-like brush and batik ink wich is called "Malam": an organic ink made from local mixed materials. They painstakingly use dots and lines from wax to decorate the cloth. It is very impressive to witness the process of batik making from a to z.

Batik historically is derived from Javanese language, derived from the word of “Amba” means write and “Titik” means dot.
Though batik is derived from Javanese, but the existence of Batik in Java are not write on the history. G.P Rouffaer has an opinion that Batik technique are probably introduce from India or Srinlangka from 6 to 7 Century. But according to the F.A Sutjipto that Batik are originally came from Indonesia especially from Toraja, flores, Halmahera and Papua.
Nowadays Batik is a mascot of Indonesia (once it was claimed by Malaysia), as of in Bali, the Batik theme and painting style is quite different from any other places in Indonesia.

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