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Uluwatu Temple & Kecak Dance

Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Dance Sunset
Wondering about Uluwatu Temple and Kecak dance sunset? If you are, I believe you should read this article to get your daily dose of information about the two things. This article here will give you a hint about Uluwatu Temple, a nice temple in Bali that you should visit, and Kecak dance, which is a nice traditional dance that actually bleeds culture AND can be an entertainment.

What and where Uluwatu Temple is?
Uluwatu Temple is a Hindu Temple in Bali. Like the many temples in this article and its friend, this place is a place for pilgrimage. Sure it is not as a grand as Mecca nor it is as cool as Jerusalem, but Hindus consider this place as a place that you should conduct a pilgrimage to if they are in Bali. If you are not, please respect the Hindus that are trying to pray in the place, yes? No reason to bother them in their prayers unless you are a self-righteous jack. Located in Uluwatu (which kind of self-explanatory regarding its name), you need to visit this place if you are looking for some sight to behold. This is a temple that is dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, which must be a very important being because the Hindus dedicated this temple to him.
Now let us talk about why this temple is called the Uluwatu. While the temple is named Uluwatu because of its resting place, Uluwatu itself got its name because it is located near the edge of a cliff. The word Uluwatu consists of two separate words: ulu and watu. In Balinese, both mean edge and stone respectively. In English, Uluwatu Temple means stone edge temple. That name is undeniably cooler, but it loses is cultural charm, so foreigners stick with the moniker Uluwatu Temple now.
Some people said that the cliff itself was once a part of Dewi Danu Barque (barque is a sort of traditional ship that many people use to go on a sea voyage). It is mostly folk lore, though, but no one has tried to debunk it in respect of the people.

The Kecak Dance in the sunset
Another nice thing that you can see in Uluwatu Temple is the Kecak dance that is traditionally held at sunset. This is dance that depicts a great battle between Rama and Ravana. In the story, Rama beats Ravana with the help of Hanuman, a warrior that happens to take the shape of a white monkey. This is a great way of saying that even the evilest of kings can be beaten by a love struck man, a white monkey, and an army of forest people (who happens to look like monkeys).
If the dance confuses you, let me be clear about who plays whom. The majority of the dancers will be wearing only loincloth, and some act as Hanuman's monkey like soldiers and the others the soldiers of Ravana. Some dancers will portray the major characters in the story, and they will definitely wear a different kind of clothing than the soldiers. It is a nice thing to see if you want to understand a bit about Ramayana.
That is all I can say about the two things. I hope this article can help you understand more about Uluwatu Temple and Kecak dance sunset, mates.

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